Monday, January 16, 2012

From Lima I welcome 2012

Greetings from this incredible energized city!
I am enjoying every bit of my trip, not as a tourist but as a grateful citizen of the world. Riding city buses, walking on flowered fragant streets, unique smells in busy food markets, eating lots of fresh local summer fruits and veggies, overlooking the ocean and longside manicured gardens, shopping for coca flour and sacha inchi oil (great stuff, I'll talk about it a lot in my classes) and much more... I do not waste the opportunity to mingle with these amazing culture and it's people!
Lima in summer time is at it's best!!!
I have lot's to share with you about healthy and healing yourself alternatives and hope to see you next week for the Food Combining class at noon or 7.30 pm or/and on Saturday 28th for the Food Prep class where you'll learn to make "raw ceviche" an specialty from the coast of Peru and 3 more dishes for your delight!
Also Movie Night on Monday 30th!
Looking foward to be back in Fairfax and share with you!


Educational Workshops 2012

·        Food Combining, Healthy Digestion (January 25th) $ 25

·        Let’s prepare 4 Easy Dishes (January 28th) $ 45

·        Soaking & Sprouting Nuts-Seeds-Grains (February 1st) $ 25

·        Supplementation, Enzymes & Probiotics (February 8th) $ 25

·        Dehydration, Seed/Grain Milks, Cheeses, Yogurts (February 15th) $ 25

·        Juices and Smoothies Tips (February 22nd) $ 25

·        Let’s prepare 4 Easy Dishes (February 25th) $ 45

·        Importance of Detox. Alkaline-Acidity Balance (February 29th) $ 25

·         A Whole Day Raw/Juice Fast (March 3rd) $ 199

·        Life Change Spring 21 day Detox Program (March 10-31st) $ TBA

Weekday Schedule: 12 to 1.30 & 7.30 to 9.00 pm

Saturday Schedule: 4.30 to 7.30 pm except whole day events

·  Movie Night (every last Monday of the month at 7.30 pm. skip December) $15

Pre-register & Save: (1.30 min class) 3x$65 or 5x$100.  Available in spanish


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