Thursday, November 10, 2011

Continuation about sprouts

and rebuild a healthy glowing body with pure living food.
The abundant nutrients in sprouts are the real deal, designed by Mother Nature.  

3. Economically Responsible Anywhere Anytime.

Home sprouting provides fresh food year round for pennies on the dollar.
Wheatgrass is commonly sold at juice bars in the United States for more than four dollars a shot, while homegrown wheatgrass costs 33 cents a shot.
Alfalfa seeds cost around eight dollars a pound. One pound of alfalfa seed will produce more than ten pounds of alfalfa sprouts. That same eight dollars can get you four, two ounce packages of commercially grown sprouts. And since store-bought sprouts have been harvested prematurely, shipped, and shelved, they are not fresh and they don’t last very long.
It pays to be a home sprouter!

4. Great for Weight Loss/ Ideal Weight Management

Sprouts are a low calorie food with a super high nutrient value. By including sprouts in our diet, we provide the body with the energy and nutrients it needs to cleanse, detoxify, and rebuild itself.

5. The Rewards of Home Gardening

It is rewarding to be a home gardener and to eat your own fresh produce. Gardening is a green thing!
It’s easier to sprout indoors where you can control the growing environment than it is to grow food in an outdoor garden where you are up against insects, animals, extreme temperatures, and long growing periods. Your sprouts will be ready from a few days to a few weeks depending on what type of seed you’re growing. For instance, lentil sprouts will be ready in two to three days, whereas greens like wheatgrass need to grow for two weeks. 
Remember, sprouts are a time tested superfood that has been eaten for 5,000 years.  When will you start your indoor garden?

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