Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello and Welcome to My First Blog!

Hello and Welcome to My First Blog!

I hope to be providing many tidbits to help you learn all about the benefits of eating raw.  Let me first share with you a little bit about me:

“Luzy in the Raw with Almonds” started after 12 years of practice being a vegetarian, a diet based most of all on protein/starch from cooked carbohydrates plus stress = gaining lots of weight (180 lbs) developing hypothyroidism and an irritable colon. I cured myself from being overweight going back to raw food about a year ago, lost almost 50 lbs and I am a work in progress to regulate any other imbalances. I experienced the amazing healing effects of raw foods in only a short time’s practice not only on my benefit but on my father’s who was able to avoid surgery in both his knees due to severe arthritis/inflammation and my daughter overcoming thyroid papillary cancer.

I knew then that my mission was to tell everybody about the power of alive foods.
I want to empower people to seek out the solutions that work for them and help them be transformed by preventing and overcoming illness with the focus on weight loss/gain, reversing cancer and more; all of it through changing the acidity in our bodies, exercise, meditation and balance raw food.
I also help those who suffer from a busy and demanding lifestyle to recreate health through raw food. I do teach hands on raw food preparing, soaking and sprouting, dehydrating, juicing and more.

Since I was 30 years old, I'm in the path of learning more about holistic healing options and practicing it on myself and giving support to those who ask for help; my studies have taken me to practice and teach about raw food and alkaline diet, herbs, oils, etc. as a great complement to reach optimum health.
I recently received my certification as a Holistic/Raw Health Educator at Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida that complements my autodidact path.
My life has a purpose and it’s all about the great connection I experience with the Universal life energy source I get through what I eat, what I think, what I do for myself and others.


I Honor The Place In You Where The Entire Universe Resides...
Honro El Lugar En Ti, Donde El Universo Entero Reside...

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  1. Picked up your info at Sunflower tonight. Looking forward to reading more posts.